Car loan for temporary workers


As a temporary worker, you often have a hard time borrowing from a traditional bank. Do they encounter exactly the temporary work and the associated risks. Many temporary workers now make good money and are often employed by their temporary employment agencies for many years. But the banks are reluctant to rely on it and go their own way. An explanation over at

Too uncertain and not calculable

Before a bank lends even a single euro, it looks exactly how the financial situation of the borrower designed. Especially the income is of great interest. In addition, the nature of the employment relationship is considered very closely. This should be as long as possible. For temporary workers, however, this is precisely the problem. You may have a good income. But this is not unlimited. And that’s exactly what the banks are doing.

How a car loan for temporary workers can be taken

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 In spite of all this, there are many possibilities that allow a loan for temporary workers. Especially when a car loan for temporary workers is sought. This brings with it the advantage that the car in the financing is considered as security. The vehicle registration document remains with the bank until the car has been completely paid off. If there are difficulties in repayment, the vehicle can be seized.

In addition, temporary workers will find better offers and alternatives on the Internet than at the local banks. The direct banks, which distribute their offers only over the Internet, are usually more accommodating and approve even then a loan, if the conditions are not quite so optimal. And since the car is considered a pledge and an income is achieved, only the Schufa must fit to convince a direct bank of a car loan for temporary workers.

In addition, you can try to optimize your own conditions for borrowing a bit. Since you can rarely change anything about the employment relationship, you should look for a borrower for borrowing. If this can prove a solid employment with a good income, there should be no more problems in borrowing. Because then all the requirements are optimally met and the bank must not be afraid that there will be a loss.